Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Need for Speed

Although my recovery weeks are for recovery, I usually fit in my shorter and more intense time trials in these weeks... They are often the only workout for the day. This week I have 2 bike TTs, a short run TT and a 1k swim TT.

Yesterday was the first bike TT... 6 minutes all out after a 15-20 minute warmup. After some debating, Michelle and I arrived at the Germantown Rec circle, our go-to for time-trials or speed work. Why were we debating? Well, 20-30 mph sustained winds and even more forceful gusts and the chance of rain made us fear for our lives. I'm not sure I've ever ridden my bike, not to mention FAST, in that kind of wind. Aero position doesn't make for good handling. But we agreed we had to do this workout... it needed to get done right there and then.

After she used her parents' facilities, we warmed up for 20 minutes and started the TT. I got right into aero position and felt the bike swaying from side to side... scary! But I maintained the position and started really accelerating. I made a point NOT to glance at my speed. I wanted to just go as hard as I could without feeling any sort of limit or desperation. I just wanted to go FAST. That's all I thought of. 1 lap done, I was feeling like I wasn't giving it my all, so I pushed harder for the second lap. The wind was pushing me back on the downhill and helping me on the uphill.

I stopped my Garmin at 6 minutes, my legs feeling like BRICKS. I looked back and waited for Michelle. She caught up and we checked out our speeds... 22.5 mph for her! Holy cow! Why, she was doing that for only 3 minutes last time! Fantastic! I looked at my speed... 23.7 mph for me! YES. And it would have only been faster if I hadn't had to almost stop for a turning car or didn't have a 20+mph headwind.

Again, strides are being made on the bike. I'm really looking forward to smashing some times at the next duathlon.

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