Sunday, March 14, 2010

Saturated Saturday

I met up with Jordan and drove to the GRC store to meet with the guys for a 9-10 mile run, straying from my prescribed training plan for the day. Good group of guys there. Jesse Dylan Keith and his miracle of a moustache rode to the store via bike, which was respectable, since the DC Tri duathlon that I planned on doing was cancelled due to the driving rains earlier in the AM (HP was flooded), endangering weakling TT bikes like my ZeroZeroTwo. Met Patrick HUGE, who has an awesome name. Jake ran off to use the facilities somewhere midway through the run so we didn't see him until near the end. Ran to the Capitol and back along the Potomac. In all, around 9 miles (I think?). It was fun, but in the end unwise... as I will relate in my next post on Sunday's brick.

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