Wednesday, March 24, 2010


So for the past couple of days I've been dealing with two painful knots on the outside of my left calf and inside of my right calf. I've been sticking it, rolling it, massaging it any way I know. I think the pain is gone now, but I learned that it is VERY valuable to stretch and massage after a big race (like a half marathon). Obvious knowledge, but something I didn't really do well after the National Half.

Yesterday I lifted with Michelle in the AM and that helped stretch things out a little. I was entertaining the idea of taking the rest of the day off... it was rainy and windy and cold, not good weather for the bike sprints I had scheduled. Then Lindsey told me during our chat that I should keep moving to keep the blood flowing. Makes sense. So I got on the trainer (I'm tired of the trainer!) and spun for about an hour. It helped... I was less sore after that! Famous Dave's chicken tenders, whey protein drink, more sticking and rolling, and both knots, for the most part, have dissipated. Sweet! I was worried the soreness would carry into the weekend and hinder me during the 5K. I think I'm past that danger.

This AM I did a difficult ladder down (500-400-300-200-100 at 1:27 pace, with 4x25 sprints between each interval) in record time. I cut down my recoveries to 30 seconds between interval and sprint and 20 seconds between each sprint. It makes the workout harder, but I'm focusing on keeping my recoveries shorter both in the pool and running on the track.

Looking forward to trying my new track spikes tonight!

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