Thursday, March 1, 2012

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My legs feel awesome. I'm surprised because my left calf is a little sore from Club Challenge, but Wednesday's and today's runs were without a doubt the best (aside from CC) runs of 2012. Before I felt like I was just going through the motions on each run, but now my stride feels fluid and my legs feel very responsive. It's like the race woke my legs from a several month slumber. Whatever it is, I like it, obviously. Good thing, because I have some races coming up and more intensive run training (finally).

I also had my longest swim of the year yesterday, a 3700y master's practice with Germantown Masters. It's a good group, and it seems the practices earlier in the week focus on speed, which I can do better in a group. I'll probably make Friday or an extra weekend swim more distance-oriented. But 3700 sort of out of the blue didn't feel any different from 2700. I did do a 3100y workout last week with Germantown Masters. Anyway, swimming is going just fine. Sort of picking up where I left off when I last swam masters in September. Although I think I'm a little slower at the moment... probably due to less yardage overall to this point.

Biking is going pretty well also. It took a little while to feel comfortable on the road, but an easy ride Monday, which turned out to be almost 2 hours, showed me I'm rounding into a better form. My easy rides last year weren't that long, so good to see I'm finally gaining some endurance. I've been doing well in my workouts, power is going up.

By the way, before I forget, I want to reveal to you two videos. One, the song I had in my head for all of Club Challenge. Not sure how I ran as well as I did with it clanging in my head (OR HOW IT EVEN GOT THERE), but... body over mind?

Second, a special dedication. This video is for you, Thomas Stott, for your excellent physical therapy guidance and help. Make your time. hahaha.