Saturday, January 22, 2011

2010 (a long time ago) in review

Ok, so wow, I've missed a lot of posts. How about this... I go the lazy route, forget about the boatload of training I've done (tons of swimming... tons of hard trainer rides... and 30-40 miles per week plus hills and track workouts) I've done since my last post and now... and start fresh??? That's a great idea. I like it.

I'll make this post a quick review of 2010, a mostly successful racing campaign. Last year, I posted some goals and whether I achieved them or not, and set goals for 2011. I'll run through those and set some new goals first.


Goal -- 4:30
Actual -- 4:39
2011 Goal -- Not running a mile race in 2011

Goal -- sub 16:00
Actual -- 15:44
2011 Goal -- 15:35

Goal -- 27:15
Actual -- Did not run an 8k in 2010
2011 Goal -- 26:50

Goal -- 33:30
Actual -- 34:06
2011 Goal -- 33:15

10 mile
Goal -- 00:59:00
Actual -- Did not run a 10-miler in 2010
2011 Goal -- 00:55:00


Goal -- in age group at Columbia and sprint races
Actual -- Won age group at Columbia and DC Triathlon sprint
2011 Goal -- Finish in top 25 overall at Columbia and top 10 overall at Nation's.

Goal -- Win a sprint triathlon
Actual -- Did not, only did one sprint unprepared.
2011 Goal -- No related goal

Goal -- Qualify for Duathlon Worlds
Actual -- Qualified for Duathlon Worlds, did not go.
2011 Goal -- Not trying to qualify for anything specifically, but get as close to Best of the U.S. as I can.

Goal -- Get sub 2:08:00 in Oly distance triathlon
Actual -- Got a 2:07:04 with a 2 minute penalty at Nation's
2011 Goal -- 2:07:59 at Columbia, 2:00:59 at Nation's.

So this year I was quite a bit more successful in multisport than running. I attribute this to focusing on cycling and swimming and less on running after the spring season. I'll keep the focus on triathlon in 2011, while hoping for some smaller PRs in running. I'm most proud of my 5k, Columbia and Nation's performances. Aside from the penalty at Nation's, everything seemed to go pretty well in that race. I want to improve on my non-penalty time by 5 minutes and attack the 2 hour barrier. Columbia is all about placement, but I'd like to get close to my 2010 Nation's time. That would mean some big improvements in the swim, while not giving up much on the bike and run. I've been training my butt off in the pool and we'll see how that plays out on race day. I'm going to add some new goals to 2011, to include some cycling goals:

Goal -- Go under 21 minutes in a 1500m swim in a triathlon

Goal -- Break 61 minutes in a 40k time trial, stand-alone or in a triathlon

Goal -- 34:30 10k in a triathlon

Goal -- Earn my cat 4 cycling license (need 6 or 7 more races)

That should be sufficient for goals. I'm pleased with my progress in 2010, but I do consider 2010 as more of a progress year. I achieved some cool things, but I'm not close to where I want to be yet. I'm training more and harder than most people I know... and that's a fact I am sure of! I believe I am capable of achieving the goals I've set out for, thanks to some great training partners (Michelle and Dirk), a new coach (Todd Wiley), and an overall improved outlook on racing and training... a powermeter and intense masters swim program don't hurt either! I know much more about each sport than I did before, and I aim to continue being a student of swimming, cycling and running, to become a complete triathlete.

REALLY looking forward to 2011. Let the cowboys ride!