Tuesday, March 16, 2010

I need to recover...

So after a nice run on Saturday, I was ready for Superbrick #3 on Sunday. Michelle and I decided to convene at my place (miscommunication, for sure), where temperatures can reach 75+ degrees as the big window is on the leeward side of the building. You can probably guess where I'm going with this...

We hopped onto the bikes and pretty much immediately didn't feel the workout. Started up the race pace sets.... and bodies just didn't respond. My heart rate was barely making the lowest Zone 4 number of 168 bpm... I haven't had that happen, in, like, ever. Michelle wasn't faring much better, and even got dehydrated after 3 sets. We decided to end the ride halfway through, wisely. It just wasn't getting any better.

Set out on the run, outside, and... what a difference. My heart rate was staying in the desired zone and I was averaging 5:30-:40 miles. So, that went as planned. A little faster than planned actually. Michelle ran well too, and seems to be recovering from her achilles knock successfully. Awesome!!

So I chalk up the poor ride to several things:

1. Did it indoors after biking outdoors for almost 2 weeks, it was hot, humid, and distracting

2. Ran Friday and Saturday, unnecessarily. One of those runs (Friday) was on my schedule, and it was supposed to be easy. I ran hard or long Friday AND Saturday. Need to stick to schedule.

3. Fatigue... 2 killer bricks in the two weeks prior and tough rides/swims all week. I need to make this week a true recovery week in anticipation of the National Half on Saturday.

D'oh. Still learning, evidently...

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  1. Andy, you'll be just fine for the half. Just relax this week and your legs will absorb the rest and be ready to go!