Saturday, March 6, 2010

Burned in the water

Met up with Jordan (finally healed), Scott and Jake for another chapter of the North Bethesda Distance Project. Kept an easy pace for about 8 miles, maybe a little more. Good recovery run for me after the bike TT the night before.

Met up with Lindsey Jerdonek, the "rookie" pro triathlete for a swim at Wilson in the evening. I was nervous as heck to meet her, as I knew I was in for a clinic in top-notch speed. And clinic-ed I was. It was a recovery swim for me so I wasn't going all out by any means... but man. I usually started 4-5 seconds behind her, and ended up 5-10 seconds behind... and those were her EASY sets. I knew she was smoking me when I couldn't see the bubbles from her kicking. Anyway, it was a good experience for me. I got to witness the speed of a very fast and accomplished swimmer (although she wouldn't say that about herself)... very inspiring. I want those swimming abilities, badly!

Oh, and those 1:24-5 100s I do? The ones I celebrated and bragged about?

Yeah. That was cool-down pace for her.

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