Friday, March 26, 2010


I'll admit, I've never really ever been nervous before a 5K to the point that I can't sleep well. Until now. The UMD Invite 5K tomorrow has me totally bouncing off the wall. I have never run that long on a track at the pace I seek (5:07 or so?), nor have I run against college-level runners. I'm going to have to try to ignore them as I'll be focusing on my time. But wow, it's got me feeling very antsy in my pantsy.

I've slowed my training as a result, skipping bike hills yesterday in favor of a spin and relaxing. Not feeling too good about skipping an essential bike workout, but if I don't hit sub-16 in this race, I'll be feeling gloomy until the end of triathlon season. I don't want to have to race again until summer. I'd rather just be focusing on my triathlon training and racing.

I'll do my best.


  1. It's okay to be nervous but remember that the work is done. You've trained well and are ready to execute your plan.

    Go about your normal routine, maybe watch a movie to distract yourself. Eat a healthy dinner, get a long sleep, wake up, break 16.

  2. Towpath is 100% right. You will do fine. Just get out at your pace and trust your finess. The money is in the bank and it's time to make a withdrawal.