Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Past couple of days

I forgot to blog about Sunday, so here's some old news and new news.

Sunday, day after my 5K success, I was slated to put in a shorter but more intense brick workout. 1 hour bike, building in intensity for 45 minutes and then putting in a 10km time trial, followed by a 20 minute run at 10k pace. I knew this was gonna hurt. My hamstrings and calves were tired from Saturday, but this was a workout I had to do.

Michelle and I set out to Hain's Point, only to find, to our dismay, cherry blossoms in full bloom. Why is this bad? Think lots and lots and lots of tourists, confused and lost people "driving" and walking all over the place. Even on a day like Sunday, when it was windy and drizzly. Poor conditions for anything, not to mention biking.

But we hopped on our rides and navigated through HP for 45 minutes, building the pace. I was averaging a little over 20 mph, which was fine with the conditions. Started my 10km TT and instantly felt tired. I knew that with the weather, crowds and fatigue this was NOT going to be a record-setting TT. Pushed through at a 23 mph clip when in the clear, 20-21 when dealing with crowds/traffic. Finished up with a 22 mph average, a little over 17 minutes. Not good, but not bad. Sort of where I was at toward the end of last year on a good day.

I then set off on my run, averaging 5:40s, which definitely isn't 10K pace normally (but is after a bike time trial!!). Pace slowed as the run went on, but only to about 6:00 pace. Finished 3.1 miles in 18:09, which would put me at a sub 37 10K, which would be a fantastic time at Columbia for me. My shins were searing in pain, but I was able to ignore it and run strong, considering how tired I was. And I knew I could have kept that pace going for another 3.1 miles. Not bad, being only a day removed from running 3.1 miles all out on a track.

I wasn't terribly encouraged about the bike, but I'm really excited about the run...

Monday AM I swam, descending 100s for about 40 minutes, and then took the rest of the day off. If my training partner can take the day off, I can too (although she was sick...)!!

This week will be relatively easy, leading into 2-3 weeks of torture before Du Nats.

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