Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Speedy start to the week

I'm beginning my taper for the National Half, so while my overall training hours and mileage will go down, I'm doing the same amount or maybe a little more power/speed work in biking and swimming, while my running is just mileage and a little speed.

Monday I did a fins/paddles swim, first time I've used the paddles in months. About ten 100s of alternating fins and paddles, with some power drills thrown in. Paddles made me swim a little faster, but I made a point of not looking at the clock so I could stay relaxed. I trust my stroke and speed enough now that I don't necessarily need to see the clock to know my pace. Totaled about 2000m. In the PM I met with Jordan and Scott for our first Monday run since the snowstorms. Ran the CJ trail, about 7.6 miles, nice and slow. I forgot how heavy my trail shoes are, I haven't had to wear them for a while!

Yesterday met with Michelle for strength in the AM, and a bike sprint workout at the Gtown rec center loop in the afternoon. Perfect weather. No wind, high 50s... awesome! After a 10 minute warmup, we started the sprint set, 5x3 minutes all out. Course was a little hilly, so as to simulate a race setting. Despite a traffic slow-down point, we both averaged fast speeds.

For the 5 sets, I averaged 24.5, 24.3, 23.5, 24.1, 24 mph!! Michelle must have been in the 23s, as she wasn't too far behind and kept the same distance throughout (and actually gained a little on the last set). So to confirm what we learned Sunday, those cruise intervals and hill workouts on the trainer, as well as strength training, has really upped our power output in these race-pace and faster workouts.

Will post about today's swim and tonight's track workout later.

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  1. Good job with the fins and paddles you pinko!