Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Wicked Wednesday!

Today shaped up to be a tough one... fast ladder swim in AM and GRC track in PM with a busy work day sandwiched in between.

I actually had been "fearing" this swim workout because it sounded so daunting... ladder down (500-4-3-2-1 at tpace) with 4x25 sprints in between each interval instead of recovery. Not sure my arms would hold up to that much tpace and sprints all lumped together. With Michelle motoring through her aquarunning like a reciprocating engine on an early 1900s cruise liner, I knew that I had no choice but to do the workout COMPLETELY and in full force. And it wasn't too bad! I was getting the longer intervals in 1:26 pace, slowing down a little for the last 200 and 100 (tired). So it wasn't bad. I wish I had gone a little faster, but I was conservative on the 500 and 400 thinking that I wouldn't have enough for the rest of the workout.

In the evening, met a large GRC crew for track. In preparation for the UMD Outdoor Invite 5K, I wanted to do 3x1600 at 5:10 pace, working to 5:07 for the last one. I ran with Jesse Dylan Keith and his wonderful moustache, Mike and former high school opponent Jimmy Daly.

Mile 1 -- 5:09
Mile 2 -- 5:08
Mile 3 -- 5:07
Mile 4 -- 5:00 (I decided to tack on a 4th because I was feeling strong after 3. Patrick Murphy helped me push the pace)

That's a very good omen for the 5K. I can average around 5:08 pace and still have enough to push in a fast final mile. I'm pretty confident about this race now. My fitness is definitely there. All it'll take is some practice getting used to the pace and ingraining it in my legs.

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