Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Union Jack Chicken Tenders

So I abandoned my usual stay-at-home strategy for St. Patrick's Day, and met with several GRCers at Union Jack, a British-y pub on St. Patrick's Day (isn't that wrong, somehow?). Tried out their tenders... it had been several weeks since I tried a new plate of tenders. I was a little sketchy as chicken tenders need tender care in their preparation. I didn't know how tender the kitchen staff would be with chicken tenders on a busy night like St. Patrick's Day.

But I was pleasantly surprised! They were sort of crispy, and best of all, spicy! Not tabasco sauce "spicy," which isn't spicy at all. They were hot sauce spicy, which means good spicy. I grade them as top tier tenders, but not quite as absurdly magnificent as Famous Dave's tenders.

This also marked my first paparazzi-ed chicken tender meal.

PRIOR to tenders, I did a light track workout at MCRRC track, ran about 30 minutes easy followed by 4x2 minute race pace (half marathon) sets, trying to keep between 5:40 and 5:50, target pace for Saturday. I had trouble with it. I kept going too fast. I really need to keep my focus at the National Half. If I do what I am accustomed to doing, I'll fail. I hate to say this but I'll be really relying on my Garmin to help guide me through the first couple of miles...

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