Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Short recovery

Monday evening I went for a slow shakeout jog with Sloane, about 6.5 miles. Went in with a tender groin, finished with no pain. Slam dunk (copyright The RED FOX).

Yesterday I lifted in the AM and did 30 minutes of dominant leg biking in the PM. The first 10 minutes I felt tight, didn't really feel it, when all of a sudden an amazing string of events took place. First, Michelle texted me that her Pacers coach predicted a low-17 5K at the UMD Invite for her. That's AWESOME, it made me think about 15:45 for myself. Cadence began to pickup. Then Jordan called me, which always perks me up, even when he has nothing to say. Cadence is getting higher. Then I looked up at the television to see GODZILLA blasting MECHAGODZILLA with his radioactive fire. That was all I could handle. I couldn't control myself any longer. I was pedaling, 90% effort on one leg every 30 seconds, at a cadence of at least 105 rpm. YES. Chicken tenders at FD's with Jordan afterwards added to the awesome.

Swam this AM, descending 100s... Started at 1:40 pace, did the last 100 in 1:15!! (that's a personal record for me...)

Oh, for fun.


  1. If Mothra or Rodan showed up, who knows what would've happened.

  2. Rodan was in the movie, just not in that scene! I'm probably going to watch a movie starring all three during today's bike workout!

  3. I have all those movies on ONE VHS tape...on SLP record mode. It was part of the Godvillathon I recorded on TV back in 1995

  4. Nice job dawg! Keep up the hard work!