Monday, March 1, 2010

1k Swim PR!

Woke up this AM with pretty much my whole lower half stiff as a board. Groin area a little tender, so I walked laps around the apartment to try and shake things out. It worked well enough that I felt like going to the pool and hitting up a 1km time trial. Knowing that Dirk just put in a good 400 and 800 at the DC Tri Swim Meet got me feeling like I needed to see where I'm at.

For my last TT, in December 2009, I swam a 14:24, a 20 second or so improvement over a month before. I expected an improvement today and I attacked the first 500m hard. My breathing started getting a little out of control around 700m, but I started kicking a little more and focused on taking in only air, not water. The more tired I get swimming, the less carefully I breathe and I start swallowing water, which causes me to tire out and burp like crazy.

Anyway, hit the wall in 13:42! About a 40 second improvement over 2 months ago. It reflects my most recent t-paces of 1:23-24. I'm pleased with my continued progress.

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