Monday, March 22, 2010

The training resumes!

I had my time to bask in my National Half success, so that means it's time to get back into serious training mode.

Sunday I met with Dirk and Michelle for what started out as a recovery ride. We rode about 40K relatively easy, and Michelle decided she had enough so she could fully recover from her "tempo race" in which she WON the women's side and gave the men's side a run for their money (I shake my head in disbelief at both her and my pun). Dirk and I continued for 30K more, at a markedly faster/harder pace. I was fading toward the end, but gave the last 2 miles of hills a final push so as not to drop the pace we had been setting. It pretty much turned from a recovery ride to a workout, but in the end it felt good and didn't exacerbate any post-race soreness.

This AM I put in my first swim since Monday of last week. Descending 75s... 5x (4x75 descend to faster than tpace). Totaled around 2000m, and felt fresh, just as I hoped to feel after a week off (with cross training, of course).

Tough week ahead and the UMD outdoor track invite 5K. Sub-16 is in the crosshairs.

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