Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Easy does it!

On Monday AM I went for a paddles/fins, swim about 2000m wearing paddles or fins. Paddles are helping my stroke form, as my cadence has lowered over the span of a minute. That's more efficient! No t-pace swimming. I'll resume that Sunday or next week. It takes a bit out of me. In the afternoon I met with Michelle for an easy 5.5, through Black Hills Park... course was a little hilly for a recovery run but kept the pace down, and picked up slightly at the end.

Yesterday I did something I really haven't done much at all... I took the morning off, completely! I woke up at my usual 5-5:30, but decided right away that I'm sleeping for an extra 90 minutes. As Dirk always has said, I need to trust my fitness, so I did. I can swim another day, after the half marathon.

In the afternoon, feeling rested and refreshed, I met with Michelle at GTown Rec for another round of Schaefer Hills. I planned on doing 5, but decided halfway through that that's what I WANTED to do, not what I should do, so stuck to 4. But I could have done 5... the workout felt awesome. I chalk that up to the extra rest, but also becoming stronger/adapting to the course. I was holding back just a little to make sure my heart rate didn't get too high, but I felt smoother and less fatigued after each climb. Looking forward to these when I'm not tapering! In all, 27.5 miles for the ride.

Michelle rocked too... she did an extra hill for a total of 5!! I fear for the other women at Duathlon Nationals. They have never heard of Michelle Miller... but will know her very well after the race!

Today I'm going to focus on keeping the recovery going. Will eat good foods and keep my workouts easy tonight.

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