Friday, March 12, 2010

Schaefer Hills

This is a build week and my legs are starting to feel it. Two intense swims, bike sprints and a track workout have gotten me feeling more than a little tired. My legs feel fine, but I definitely need more sleep to help my whole body recover.

I got the benefit of sleeping in Thursday to 6 AM, rather than my usual 5 AM wakeup, and made my way to the gym to do some strength with Michelle. During core exercises, we had the pleasure of witnessing a future "Million Dollar Baby," as a female at the gym was "boxing" with a gym-paid trainer. As the trainer noted "Your uppercut is so strong, now when you're up in tha club, nunna them females gonna mess with you no more, you gonna send them home." Indeed.

Met up with The Demon Hunter (Michelle) again for my "favorite" bike workout... Schaefer Hill repeats. Schaefer Road is a road, at least 2.5 miles one way, that trends way downhill going from Germantown, and trends way uphill going the other way. One way takes about 6 minutes (at least), and it rolls, so it's not a straight shot up or down, much like a race course. We pounded it... 4 times up and down, in a little over an hour. My legs were burning and my bike squeaked under the strain, but I maintained a good pace and didn't tire out after the first two. Finished the last one stronger, actually. It was Michelle's first time and she did remarkably well, considering there is a technical aspect to it. She adapted quickly.

A good test for Columbia, which is hilly too. Long weekend ahead...

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