Saturday, April 3, 2010

Rest of week and time trial

Wednesday I met with Michelle at MCRRC track to do a Pacers workout... 2k cutdown to 5K pace, followed by 12-8-8-4-4 at 5K pace, getting a little faster after each set. The cutdown was a bit, uh, all over the place, but found my pace for the main set. Michelle wasn't ever too far behind and even tried to make a race out of it on the last 4, speeding up 3 seconds to finish 5 behind me. ROCKIN!

Thursday, strength in the AM, and we convened in the PM for Schaefer Hills, but only 3 of them. We were both feeling the heat, as neither of us have done many workouts in 65+ weather. But we flew up the hills on all 3. My legs felt awesome, like I could have done 2 more. Once we're used to the warmth I see 5+ hill set workouts.

Friday I had a strange run... in the AM! I rarely ever run in the morning except for races. I had to do a TT of sorts, 1 mile controlled followed by 1.5 miles all out. I didn't warm up correctly and started the controlled mile cold (started at 150 bpm when I should have been at 179 bpm), and came in at 5:00. My legs felt beat... they shouldn't have. Did a recovery lap and started the 1.5 mile set... 7:37... slower than 5 minute pace. Not good. I should have been at slowest 7:30. I need to take my warmups more seriously...

Saturday brought the most anticipated workout of the week... and outdoor bike time trial!!! I haven't been able to really test out my speed for longer than 10 minutes because of the poor weather we had over the winter. This TT was to be 30 minutes of ALL OUT biking! A good test of what I can do.

Michelle and Dirk joined me at the Gtown Rec Park loop... hilly but car-less, best we can ask for in this area. We warmed up, strapped on our new sleek aero helmets and started. I spent the first 10 minutes ahead of Dirk, nearly 10 seconds... I thought, wow, either I'm going too fast or Dirk is going too slow. Usually, and as was the case here, its the former. I went for the first 10-15 minutes at 24 average... but as I wore down, Dirk shot past me as I tried to hang on. My speed was still fine, maintaining 23 for the final 15 minutes. I sprinted as hard as I could through the last lap, hitting 30 minutes at the TOP of a hill! Damn! If I had only had another downhill...

Looked at the speedometer... 23.5 mph!! I bet it could have been faster had I not shot myself onto the course like a rocket and had it been a flatter course. Hey, though, 23.5 mph through hills bodes well for Columbia. Dirk got something over 24.3 mph, as was expected by me... but the real star of the day was Michelle, who clocked in at 22.2 or .3 mph! Holy cow. And she said she was up to 23 mph on the last two laps. I feel bad for the bike specialists at Du Nats... not only is Michelle one of the best runners, but also now one of the better bikers.

A successful day for all, in addition to a learning experience for me.

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