Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Brick Track

After my body recovered from that sufferfest in Mount Etna/St. Helens/Kilauea/Krakatoa/Vesuvius (aka Germantown Indoor Swim Center), I headed to the Northwest High School to meet Michelle for a new brick workout... on the track! Bikes were set up on trainers just outside of lane 8, and it was a GREAT day. There was a gentle breeze to cool us off and the atmosphere decided to create thin veils of cloud to block the sun's harmful ultraviolet rays from further damaging my already crisply burnt skin from Mount Etna/St. Helens/Kilauea/Krakatoa/Vesuvius (aka Germantown Indoor Swim Center).

Brick called for a 15 minute bike warmup into tempo HR pace, followed by a 400m run at 10k pace as part of the warmup. The main set consisted of 4 sets of 5 minutes biking (2 minute spin, 3 minute race pace) followed by a quick transition into an 800m run at 5K pace (5:00/mile). GREAT duathlon training! Michelle and I didn't wait up for each other as that would defeat the purpose of quick transitions and keeping the intensity up. I was consistently keeping my 5K pace under 5:10/mile pace, which is where I wanted it to be considering the workout and conditions.

Most importantly, when I was running, I wasn't tired and my legs weren't hurting. I had a little cut on the back of my heel which stung somewhat, but other than that, both my biking and running were not compromising each other like they did last season. Michelle looked the same, meaning our training is paying off (I make this observation nearly every post when something goes well).

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  1. Pretty awesome. I am thinking you should get the bike training and a treadmill into the pool next time and really go at it!!!