Thursday, April 22, 2010

Oh boy! The waiting game!

4 good workouts this week, no pain, just anxiety over the fact it's still several days until race day.

Monday, good brick-y thing, run-bike-run-bike-run-bike-run (run at 5K race pace, bike at race pace) on Richter Farm Rd and Darkstar (AWESOME) Rd. Runs were 800m, bike was 3.1 miles of rolling (read: windy and hilly) road, resulting in some slightly lower than average speeds. But I was able to keep up with Dirk for the rides, which is a great sign for me. Overall, I felt like my legs responded perfectly between the running and biking.

Tuesday, easy ride, nothing special. Loosened up legs from the super duathlon-y brick-y thing on Monday.

Wednesday, sharpening track workout that Michelle devised... 4x (600m @ 5k pace, 200m @ jog) with a bunch of strides before and after. The 5k efforts felt EASY and controlled, just how they were supposed to feel.

I swam for endurance this AM and will run sometime in the afternoon.

So my body's ready. My mind is almost there. I just have to not get fired from my job for continually almost missing deadlines and forgetting simple things.

ZeroZeroTwo is ready... are you?

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  1. Hey Andy - GREAT job this weekend. All of that hard work has really paid off. I look forward to hearing/reading about it soon.