Friday, April 16, 2010


After the SLEDGEHAMMER of a track workout that I did on Wednesday, I decided to forego strength Thursday AM and instead sleep in until 6:08. It felt good.

In the afternoon I met with Michelle for a POWER bike interval workout at Gtown Rec Circle. 4x7 minutes at zone 3 HR, 60-70 rpm (which means lowest gear on flats, and POWER up the hills). Last time we did this, I was averaging low 23s for the first two and high 24s for the second two. I wasn't listening to what my Garmin was telling me in terms of HR then, so I wanted to do this workout adhering closely to my HR measurements. For the most part I stayed within the 161-170 bpm range and came out with some awesome speed readings:

24.5 (Had a little trouble keeping HR down)
24.8 (Had some road bikers doing intervals in front of me... so I picked up the pace a little to pass them and spit on their faces)

I don't remember Michelle's exact speeds, but she was between 22.5 mph and 23.2 mph for all 4! That's a big improvement for both of us, as neither of us have been within the ranges we hit today for that long in a workout. Our power output has increased a LOT over the past couple months.


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  1. Those are some crazy-fast bike splits! I can't wait for you to unleash that "POWWEEERRRRRR" at the Dualthlon Nat'l Championships coming up here.

    Have you ever taken a single chicken tender out on the course with you during a race? If GU made a bbq or sweet & sour flavor then that would make an AWESOME combination!