Thursday, April 15, 2010

Hammer Time

After a few weeks of moderate / recovery track workouts, I finally had a 2 week window between races/bricks that I could put in a SLEDGEHAMMER POWER track workout.

Michelle and I met at MC a little early to avoid the crowd with a plan for 6x800 cutdown starting at 5K pace. Warmed up for a mile and did 3 striders and started the workout... In Dirk fashion, here were my splits:

2:28 (4 seconds too fast...)

We didn't do a 6th because we were pretty exhausted after 5 (attributed to our recent races). I bet the too-fast first 800 also wore us out. Michelle ran consistent, despite also going out too fast for the first one, and finishing at a 5:00 pace.

A good workout in all, this shows I'm ready to smash my mile PR later in the summer and will make my current 5K pace feel easier at Du Nats.

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