Friday, April 9, 2010

Running season ends as multisport season begins!

Tomorrow is my first multi race of the year, the Doylestown Duathlon (5k-30k-5k). It's more a tuneup for Du Nats, but its a race nonetheless and several anticipated age-group rivals will be racing. It'll be a good practice and scouting opportunity for me. I'll want to out-race people, but I need to remember that this is only replacing a brick, and I absolutely CAN NOT leave it all on the race course... I need everything I have for Du Nats. I'll leave the race to Robbie and Dirk, who are sure to go 1-2! Instead, I'll focus on my transitions, pacing and my aforementioned potential rivals.

Still, I'm ready to race... the benefits of months and months of quad-searing rides and workouts will be on display tomorrow. I'm going to try to get 17s for my 5Ks, maybe high-16s, and try to ride at least 23 mph, depending on the course and conditions. It appears it will be chilly and a little breezy... 10 mph winds and low 40s (which will feel like mid-30s with the wind). But as Michelle and I discussed, weather won't be a problem... we've trained together in WORSE conditions.

Don't forget, readers of The Chicken Tender Runner, to give Michelle a good luck shout as she will be going for sub-61 (maybe sub-60) at the Cherry Blossom 10-miler on Sunday, for just her first 10-miler!

No excuses! I'm ready for this.

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