Monday, April 12, 2010

A realization & pictures

I took almost a whole day off from training yesterday after the duathlon, skipping a probably NEEDED swim but going for a leisurely recovery ride with the always intrepid Michelle, who had just raced the race of her life earlier in the day. It was a good ride, but thoughts of the skipped swim and so-so bike ride the day before at Doylestown started clouding my thoughts.

So I became gloomy and thought some dour thoughts. Have I really made improvements on the bike? Is my endurance good enough for a 40K race-pace ride? Will I really make the jump to the next level this season? Is this the sport for me? A moment of weakness indeed!

Duathlon Nationals is in 2 weeks and Columbia is in 6 weeks. I need to get my mind in the right place. I wasn't planning on going all out at Du Nats, as I want to be brimming with fitness and energy for Columbia, but perhaps, as Dirk often notes, I need to race too, not just train. Racing well can really give a significant confidence boost. I felt it after the half marathon, the MD Invite 5K... but having held back quite a bit at Doylestown, I don't know what I can do. From today I will approach Du Nats like it's my last race of the season... I won't hold back and will attack it like it is a Famous Dave's chicken tender basket.

Doylestown Duathlon pictures:

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