Friday, April 30, 2010

Back to training... over 25 mph?

Now that the high of my success at Du Nats has waned, it's time to really refocus on my training.

Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday were pretty easy, recovery days. I ran 5-8 miles Monday and Wednesday and swam twice, and by Thursday I had no soreness at all... just in time for a time trial!

Yesterday's time trial was the 6-minute, all out sprint, which I last did March 30, when I averaged 23.7 mph in a 20 mph wind. Conditions were similar yesterday, with a 15-20 mph headwind for half of the Gtown Rec Loop, so I was expecting, being tired from Du Nats, to either put in a similar or slightly slower effort.

Did a 3 mile warmup and started the TT. Right away I felt strong and fast. I refrained from looking at my speedometer for fear of being disappointed. But even with the headwind, I was flying up the hill on that portion of the loop, and the tailwind helped me on the other side.

6 minutes later, I came to a stop, breathing hard... and excitedly looked at my speed average... 25.2 mph!! That's 1.5 mph faster than I rode just a month ago! And only a few days after Du Nats. That's probably also the fastest I've ever ridden for at least 6 minutes... previous best was 25 mph flat. I've broken the barrier. My legs are getting stronger and stronger, and it's exciting.

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