Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Modest start to the week

I haven't been sore at all from Doylestown, thank goodness. Just as I hoped, it has affected me as much as a typical SuperBrick... legs are tired but no pain. I can resume training as usual, and I won't feel the effects at Du Nats.

Monday I rode (maybe a little too hard?) with Michelle and swam in the AM. Again, it was hard. I was struggling to reach a fast pace and hold it... my shoulders were a little bit sore from biking with the old glasses (I recently got new larger lenses to solve this problem... so far it's working!) and the pool was still too warm. It made me worried about Columbia... the questions returned.

Tuesday Michelle and I lifted in the AM and ran in the PM through the rain at Schaefer Trails. It was a relaxing and VERY therapeutic run. It felt good to be back on the trails. It helped clear my mind of Doylestown and adjust my focus SOLELY on Du Nats. More on that...

This AM I had a bounce-back swim... an endurance workout with some power intervals mixed in, about 2 miles total, and I felt great. No more shoulder/trap soreness and my endurance returned. IT'S ABOUT TIME. Unlike Monday, I felt ready for Columbia as my body remembered that it doesn't hurt THAT much to swim long and fast.

Du Nats is only what, 10 days away? I'm so motivated for this race. I'm ready to die on the course if necessary.

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