Friday, February 5, 2010

White is my least favorite color

Except when it applies to white meat in my chicken tenders.

I hate this snow. It's not fun nor is it useful. Biking is my triathlon weakness and I need to be outside on the roads improving myself. Indoor training helps but I need to get a better feel for the road and the varying elevations it provides.

But I've been whining since December about this.

Yesterday after lifting I decided to take the rest of the day off as I wasn't feel totally comfortable in my legs. This is a recovery week and I should be feeling fresh.

I felt much better today and met up with Scott, Jake, Christiam (who I finally had the pleasure of meeting) and Karl for a 75(?) minute run. Haven't calculated distance yet. I felt light and my HR was pretty low, which means the day off yesterday had the desired effect.

I'm going to try to swim in a few minutes, maybe get that 1Km time trial out of the way. Not sure I'll set a PR today, but I might as well try.


  1. Got to roll with the punches mother nature throws. One thing that is particularly annoying is that my gym, Sport & Health closes during the storms. WTF? The whole point of a gym is a place to workout indoors when it's crappy out.

  2. I hear you though, my gym closes/opens late with school closings/delays... and so when school community events close... so does the gym!