Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Fury conquers all

My training is starting to go awry. After several months of perfect scheduling, it seems like things are starting to unravel. And I blame the snow. Montgomery County state of emergency means the pool is closed, 4+ foot snow banks from plows make sidewalks and curbs un-runnable, and the whole snow/wet thing makes biking impossible. I've been able to run and bike indoors, but I haven't been able to swim since Wednesday. And that's really bad. Hopefully Montgomery County will end its state of emergency by the weekend so I can start swimming again. It's got me pretty nervous. It feels like the weather and I are just fighting over my training.

Kind of like Godzilla and King Kong fighting over this castle.

Yesterday I met up with Michelle and Brian for a treadmill tempo run. 4 miles easy, 4 miles tempo. About 3.5 miles into the easy half, I started cramping up. I hadn't eaten since breakfast (only had 1 packet of oatmeal) and hadn't drank anything since the night before. Add to that quad soreness from the long snow run, and I was in line for a bad workout. And it got worse, a mile into the tempo half I was feeling miserable and had to run around 6:00/mile, which is about 20 seconds slower than tempo pace for me. Michelle was catching up to me. But after that first mile passed, I started feeling the FURY. Motivated by my own anger and Michelle's Michelleness, I sped up gradually to my usual tempo pace and was able to finish the last 1.5 miles at tempo and faster. The workout left something to be desired, but I got over the mental block I was having. Mental strength had been a weakness toward the end of 2009, but I'm conquering it. I ran FURIOUSLY.

Here's hoping for an incorrect weather forecast.


  1. Its a blizzard! Don't go outside! Where is my Ultraman DVD? I could be watching it now.

  2. Andy, you've trained so much for the past months, just relax and stay confident. Enjoy the time off to let your body recover and you'll be ready in no time when the weather gets back to normal.