Wednesday, February 17, 2010


My swimming has been better than expected after 2 weeks away from real workouts, but it still hasn't been where it used to be.

That is, until today.

I got to the pool and expected something similar to what I did with Dirk on Sunday... 3x (4x100 with 10 second recoveries) at tpace (for now, 1:30). I warmed up and did a couple sculling drills and was surprised at how quick the warmup went and how buoyant I was. I started the workout, swimming the first 100 in 1:19!! 1:19?! That's too fast, but faster than my previous "too fast" times. And to make things stranger, I didn't feel tired. I swam the next 11 100s in a fast (for me) 1:24-:26, which is exactly where I want to be at this point in my training.

I felt fast today. I hadn't felt fast in the past 3 swims. I felt today like a different swimmer, like I belonged in the water.

I don't understand where the speed came from, but it's exhilirating. I loved the water today... I didn't want to end my workout. I could have kept going. Was it what I ate? I did eat chicken tenders last night. Or maybe the 2 weeks off was a blessing in disguise? It gave me time to recover while I was pushing the bike and run, perhaps.

Either way, this has done wonders for my confidence. 1:23s are definitely in the realm of possibility by the end of February. Maybe a sub-13:45 1Km time trial is in my immediate future as well...

Monday I ran with Dirk, Red Fox, Jake M, Dave and for a short while, Patrick Murphy, for half of the run and the second half with Jake M totalling 8 miles or so.

Tuesday had cruise intervals on the bike trainer at HR zones 4-5A, followed by a half mile swim and 30 minute shakeout run.


  1. Classic case of Zatopek effect. Google it.

  2. Excellent point! And what's even more excellent is that he's Czech (my wife is Czech).

  3. YOU are the Andy of dirk's training log.. hello! tom morning I'm mtg a few others at wilson at 6:10 for a swim. check it out!

    tugboat - your blog appears in the top ten search results when you google 'zatopek effect' shameless plug

  4. If I am the Andy of Dirk's training log... you must be the Lindsey of Dirk's training log! Pleased to meet you...via blog. I've been trying to get to Wilson more often. I love the long course. I'm running with RED FOX tomorrow, but shoot me an email at when you head that way... I'll make an effort to join in.