Saturday, February 20, 2010

Cruise Intervals

Met up with Joe Wiegner for cruise intervals at the Gtown rec circle a little earlier for me than usual. I was tight from the previous night's trainer hill climbs, so I thought I would do 3 intervals instead of 4. Joe mentioned something about maybe doing one interval with me at my pace earlier in the day.

The road was flattish, so I knew this would be a speedier workout. Having Wiggy in tow helped me move a little faster too. I finished the first one right on target in 5:30 for 1.1 miles. After a 2 minute recovery I expected Joe to do his own thing, but he wanted to stick with me... he hadn't done speed in a while, and wasn't feeling pain. Which is awesome. We stuck together for #2 and 3, keeping the time close to or at the 5:30 mark. And even though my legs were feeling a little tired, I decided to do 4, inspired by Joe's presence, and clocked in at another 5:30. Dude's gonna be back to his fast self before long. And it will be epic, because he has the hunger... he's starving to race and go fast again. And it's rubbing off onto me, too.

This workout was a notable one, because it's the first outdoor tempo run where I ran consistent 5:30s. Earlier in the year and December 2009, I was doing 5:43s for tempo pace. I've really sped up since then... all that hill work and track with GRC and Michelle has really paid off. I can't wait to see what I can do on race day.


  1. Yup, it helps to have that extra body next to you. This can never be stated enough.

  2. That sounds like it went really well. Sorry I couldn't be there with you!