Sunday, February 7, 2010

Snowtorious C.T.R.

Another blizzard, another weekend of dour and sour Chicken Tender Runner.

Missed out on the 1Km swim time trial on Friday afternoon, because I forgot my pool pass and the snow was starting to get nasty... too nasty for my low-to-the-ground Honda Civic to traverse safely.

Saturday, when the snow was piled high, I got in a 30 minute time trial on the bike trainer. BIG success! I kept a 180 bpm HR average over the final 20 minutes of the trial, meaning that I am capable of operating at a high heart rate (a little higher than race pace) for a long period of time... this shows that I am race ready and the endurance training paid off. I wish I could know if I got any faster, as I can't measure that on the trainer. But I'm happy... very happy with my progress. Exciting!

Sunday I ran 10.5 miles on roads that were "plowed," or covered by a dense layer of snow and ice. I ran at a moderate effort while slipping and sliding all over the place. Trucks and SUVs tried to intimidate me off the road, but I wouldn't have any of their games. The Chicken Tender Runner fears no moving vehicles. Which is dumb.

The recovery week is over... the build begins again this coming week.

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  1. 180bpm is solid! When do we test the new finely tuned machine?