Sunday, February 21, 2010

Chris Bain, champion!

Congrats to Chris Bain, who won the MCRRC Open Runner of the Year award... Dude ran a 2:31 marathon in KOREA just after running a 2:36 at Boston. Stud and very deserving of the award. Nicely done, dude!

And a shout-out to Michelle and Jordan, who won female Open and male Masters, respectively. Both also incredibly deserving of top honors in their categories.

Before the awards ceremony, Michelle and I put forth a superb brick. 2:15 bike, with minute uphill, minute high-rpm spin, 3 minutes false flat, followed by a 45 minute hill run (with elevated effort on uphills). Both of us are getting really comfortable on the bike. Almost a month ago, a 2+ hour ride would be nothing short of torture. Today, it was a piece of cake. I'm sure Ultraman and Gamera helped keep the spirits up, but our legs responded well to the bike and the run. It's also helpful for me to be training with a champion. I want her level of success.

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  1. Thanks Dawg, it was a fun night. You will get'em next year!!! Keep kickin it!