Monday, February 22, 2010

Do I actually enjoy swimming now?

Today was an "easy" day for me, which means 2 less intense workouts. No days off for me!

Started out with a form work swim, long easy sets that focus on swim form. But I've been riding such a swimming high... my feel for the water is better than ever and I want to keep that. So I decided to cut out a 400 out of my normal 4x400 swim on easy days and do 3x400 at a decent pace. Decent pace for me used to be 6:30 for 400, which translates to about 26 minute mile. I decided to swim the first 100 slow and really go hard for the last 300. That strategy resulted in 6:00 400s... by far my fastest 400s in training. And yet again, I felt very strong when I hit the wall (the pool wall). 24 minute mile pace in a non-race situation... That's encouraging.

In the afternoon I met with Michelle at the gym for a treadmill hills run. I really don't like this workout, but it needed to be done. Weather sucked and still no runnable grass/dirt hills are available. But put in 30 minutes, about 4-4.5 miles, 8x25 second hill sprints (at 8% grade). Wore my Brooks training flats and I'm no longer feeling calf soreness. They're doing their job... allowing me to run with flats while still getting the support of a training shoe.

Counting down until my first 5K of 2010... Love the Run You're With 5K. I'm realistically going for about 16:05, but maybe, just maybe sub-16 is there for me.

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