Saturday, February 20, 2010

More fun in the pool

I thought that my swimming couldn't get much better than Wednesday's 100s... but today was even better. With a longer swim on the docket, I thought I would tire out. 500 total warmup, 1x800 at tpace, 8x100 at tpace, and all-out 6x50 kick. That's usually more t-pace swimming than I usually do.

I intended to do 1:30s on the 800, but approaching the end of the first 100, I was surprised how un-fatigued I felt... I was really gliding through the water, and my breathing was right on the mark. My shoulders and arms felt fresh. I looked at the clock as I was turning -- 1:25! The next 100 -- 1:26! And it went on from there in the same way, getting in all of the 800 at 1:25-27 tpace! And that's not even race pace for me, and I was holding back for the 8x100 that awaited me after the 800. I finished the 800 without speeding up, feeling great and ready to rock the 100s.

I wanted to keep the same pace for the 8x100, but again took the first one out a little fast, 1:22. But unlike the last couple of times, I didn't slow down after the first. Each following 100 was under 1:25. And I still felt great, I wasn't breathing too heavily and my arms didn't tighten up.

I headed out of the GISC for a hill run on Schaefer Rd., putting in 8 hill sprints and a 2 mile warmup and cooldown, for a good 5 workout. Felt pretty beat after the swim/hill run, but both were successful.

I'm really encouraged by the swim (with partial thanks to the chicken tenders from last night). My form is back to where it was a couple weeks ago, but now I'm faster. Maybe I'll do that DC Tri swim meet after all!

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  1. Wow! That is a huge improvement- down to sub 1.25s regularly and with more intervals. What was the total time on the 800? That should be like 11.30 or so???!! Man, I'm impressed.