Friday, February 12, 2010

T-mill hills and pools reopen!

Montgomery County decided to reopen the government today so I'll be able to get back to swimming this weekend. Looking to do 2000-2400 easy tomorrow with Dirk and attempt some tpaced 100s Sunday. I want to ease back into it, but it's tough to ease into anything during a build phase.

Yesterday I ran hills on the treadmill with Chris, who set a 10-mile PR by over a minute (!!!!!!!????). Got in 8 hills at 6.5%-7% grade and around 5:30-27 mile pace. Not as tough as Michelle's and my hill workout in the cornfields, but it had to do with snow covering the entire universe now.

I had no idea what Chris was doing until I finished my hills and he casually noted "well, about 20 minutes to go... I'm about to PR for 10 miles," like that was his planned workout. What a man. Sub 2:30 will be a cinch for him with how strong he is in training now. It's making me want to work harder too. I salute you, Chris Vames Sloane.

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