Thursday, February 4, 2010

An all-out recovery week

So this recovery week is still a recovery week, but I'm working a little harder than I expected. This weekend should put an end to that.

Monday I did a mile time trial on the treadmill. Zone 4, a level below race pace. I started out at 5:14, which I did the same intensity mile in about 7 weeks ago. My HR zone wasn't quite reaching the target of 184 bpm, so I sped up over the next half mile to 5:00, which got my HR at 184, and I stuck with that for another quarter. Finished in 5:07! Not bad for a sub-race pace effort. This should be my 5K pace on a flat course and good day. That's got me excited... I'm getting so much closer to sub-16. I can really see it now. Followed the TT with chicken tenders at Famous Dave's with Jordan and birthday girl Zoe! The tenders were fantastic, and the honey mustard dipping sauce was just as good. Jordan made incessant noises of pleasure as he consumed his honey mustard drenched tenders.

Tuesday had weights in the AM and biking in the PM. The bike consisted of a 40 minutes easy, with 6 minutes in the middle being all out, 100% effort. That was INTENSE. It felt like I ripped off my legs from the middle of my quadricep region and ground them into fine powder with the teeth of my carbon chainring. I closed my eyes around the 5:30:00 mark from the effort exerted and nearly fell asleep mid-full-throttle effort because I was so exhausted. That was quite possibly the most intense 6 minutes on the bike... ever.

Wednesday had an awesome, albeit indoor, track workout with Michelle. We were both snowed out of our respective track workouts, so we decided to compromise and mix my GRC workout and her Pacers workout. We did mile repeats, but in 4-8-4 style (400 at mile pace, 800 at 10k pace, 400 at mile pace) for 4 sets. I did my miles in 5:12 (5:07 for 400s, 5:27 for 800s). Michelle followed with (fast) 5:40s or so, but we didn't get accurate measurements because of the difficulties associated with accelerating on the treadmill! Still, a great workout, Michelle and I pushed each other hard as usual. Followed with an easy pyramid swim with Steve, although that was one of the tougher swims I've done (probably because I did it right after a tough track workout! D'oh...).

More biking to come this week and hopefully even with the snow I can fit in 2-3 more time trials.

I hate snow.

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  1. sub 16 will be cake for you. Make sure to recover- you put in a lot of work over the past 2 months!