Thursday, February 18, 2010

Treadmill Wars, the trilogy

Last night was my THIRD straight track workout on the treadmill. American U was open, but with all the traffic horror stories from River Road I've heard, I decided to stick to my old amigo, the Fitness First treadmill room.

Got another stunningly brilliant workout from Michelle, 1 mile warmup, 2k cutdown to 5K pace, 5x800 @ 5K pace (400 recoveries), 2 mile cooldown. This one felt good. Obviously could have gone faster on the 800s, but with the whole treadmill setup and breathing difficulties in a hot, dry room, I decided to err on the side of smartness and stick to 5K pace. Workout went smoothly when I wasn't trying to frantically speed up or slow down on a treadmill, mashing fingers into unresponsive buttons and having the whole gym staring at me through the mirror as I nearly tumble and collapse trying to save my own life on a never-ending fast-moving platform.

So, yes, it went well and was productive. Met a runner several generations my senior (60 years old) who told me of his 2010 goals of a 3 hour marathon and 5 minute mile. He was much smoother on the treadmill than I was.

A tough next 3 days lies in wait... 9 workouts in 3 days. I accept the challenge... furiously.

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  1. man, you just keep going and going! And the weather hasn't even started to become nice yet... Hey, I knew you'd swim fast soon again, but 1.19!? Wow, that's awesome!