Tuesday, February 23, 2010


I'm currently watching Olympic bobsledding, and it's great. I am salivating over the beautiful paint/wax jobs on the sleds. Canada has the best looking sled of all.

Today I lifted in the AM, again doing more core work. I left my iPod at the gym yesterday so I did my workout without it, as the manager took it with him/her for safekeeping. I liked working out without the music, actually. I might stop listening to it.

After a long and stressful Spay Day, I ran in the afternoon with Wiggy and Chris Sloane through Needwood and running away from/toward/into/over/under/around/with cars along Avery Rd. Fortunately, we all survived to put in a fine 8 miles. I wore my trail shoes for the run (by accident) so I felt like I was dragging my feet the whole time... bad feeling. But it felt good to get out after a rough Spay Day at work.

In the evening I rode on the trainer for a 50 minute dominant leg workout. Despite the run, both legs felt strong, taking turns doing the pedaling. I shifted to a more difficult gear for the last 20 minutes and felt the burn. I'll try to do this at the more difficult gear for 80% of the time next dominant leg workout and see how it goes. I was able to keep my heart rate controlled, so I'm pleased about that... my fitness on the bike is where I want it.

Oh, and Happy Spay Day!

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