Saturday, February 13, 2010

Saturday Triathlon

It's a build phase weekend and that means another triathlon Saturday.

Started in the AM with a swim... my first swim in over a week. This is the workout I've been dreading! Got in the pool and felt OK after 100 meters... but it went downhill from there. Every 50 meters caused more and more fatigue and soreness in my shoulders and upper back. I was gritting my teeth and grunting in pain with each stroke. I got through it totalling 1800 meters (3x100-200-300 sets), but it felt like I swam 8100 meters! I didn't have my feel for the water and my speed was pitiful. But I was able to get through the workout and that's all I wanted to do today. No soreness in the evening, so that's encouraging, as is the fact that I had no breathing difficulties... this must mean I'm in pretty good overall shape.

Ran in the early afternoon, cruise intervals on the treadmill. 4x6 minutes at zone 3 HR zone, around a 5:33-:36 pace at .5% incline. This is my favorite running workout, and my tempo speed improved compared to past weeks' cruise intervals. Totaled 10 miles.

Biked on the trainer late in the evening, 70 minutes at HR zone 2... pretty easy and more of a recovery ride after 3 days of tough bike and run workouts.

Fun day! Looking forward to tomorrow's triathlon! 2 hour brick and t-paced 100s in the pool (whatever that is now...)!

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