Sunday, February 14, 2010

Valentine's Day Triathlon

Triathlon #2 of the current build phase was today! And luckily, it fell on a holiday so I could give the triathlon a unique name.

Got a late start on the tri, meeting up with Dirk at the Wilson Pool. I was a little nervous as I was to do tpaced 100s (12 of them) and I really had no idea what my tpace is currently because of the whole not-swimming thing. I led the first 4 and Dirk led the last 8, as I was worried I might be holding him back. But I surprised myself and managed a respectable 1:30-33 range, which is definitely better than I expected. I experienced more pain and fatigue than usual when swimming 1:30s, but I'll take it. A success! Perhaps I'll be back to 1:26s by the end of the build.

Bricked immediately afterward (about 20 minutes after the swim). I biked to Spectreman episodes. While he was busy foiling Dr. Gori's plans of taking over the world by using the pollution created by earthlings to create giant monsters (today he created a giant mole-catfish thing), I was attacking hills on the bike! 90 minutes of minute uphill, minute downhill, 2 minutes false flat. Ride felt great.

Quickly (in 2 minutes) changed into running gear and set off into my parents' hilly neighborhood for a 30 minute hill attack. Went hard up the hills, moderate on flats, recovery pace on downhills. I really fought the hills hard, and there were some with an 8% or greater grade. I felt fantastic even after biking through hills. My bike-to-run transition was a weakness last year, one I've really been working on... and the hard work is paying off.

So this was a tougher triathlon than yesterday's, but I felt much better with the great swim and brick. It's really encouraging and confidence-boosting.

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  1. Nice job! Wouldn't a false flat be a hill? What did you do for Valentines Day with the wife?