Sunday, January 3, 2010

Long weekend, poor swim.

Saturday I went for a 9 mile run with Jordan and a group of GRCers from the Georgetown store. Good run, we picked it up for the second half and finished with a really tough uphill. It felt like I was biking up Schaefer Road, with no more gears to switch to... nothing but searing quads and a pounding heart. Finished the day with a 2 hour trainer ride.

Sunday was a 4 hour training day. Started out the day with a three hour brick, 2:30 on the bike and :30 on the run. Biked indoors and ran outdoors. I'm feeling like I could up the intensity on the long rides, as I can bike longer and not feel as tired as before. No hip pain or quad fatigue. I'm getting stronger! I had an afternoon 4-mile run followed by a swim. I don't really ever swim in the afternoon, and the fatigue from my previous workouts caught up to me. I had variable 200s on the schedule but really labored through them. I stopped about 600 meters short as I didn't want to force myself and risk injury. I have a swim tomorrow and if I can't have a good workout today, I might as well recover and have a great workout tomorrow. I'm trying to be smarter about this whole multisport thing.

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  1. You definitely are, Andy, all of your PRs are set in 2009. Just stay smart with recovery and all that, and you'll keep improving!