Saturday, January 23, 2010

Hills and Saturday Triathlon

It has been and will end up being a tough last half of the week.

Thursday, after weights in the AM, met up with Michelle for hill work on the Schaefer Farm bike trails. Found a steep hill with good length and POUNDED it ten times. First good hill workout for me since high school! It burned so good. Michelle did great too, keeping me within reach and gave me a run for my money on the last one (although she had a head start... sorry!). Was REALLY pleased with the workout. Looking forward to the next one.

Friday, did bike trainer hills in the evening, but was feeling a little fatigued from the Thursday hills, so cut the workout about 20 minutes short. Am getting to the point where I don't worry/feel ashamed if I need to skip or cut a workout short. I'm in good enough shape to be smart and take care of my body.

Saturday was another drawn-out triathlon! I love these days! Started with a great run in the AM with Scott and Alex Booth, who I recently met. We ran Millenium Trail, cruise intervals (4x6 minute tempo pace) within the 10.7 mile run. I got my tempo pace to under 5:45, and I was pretty tight from the hill workouts the previous days. That's good enough for me now though. Alex stayed close and Scott regularly ran under 6 minutes. Good run for all. Biked for 100 minutes around noon, and was able to do 40K in 1:18 on a very hilly course (Germantown loop). Need to be on the road more, it's much tougher than the trainer. Finished the day with an EXCELLENT swim, t-paced 100s, and was able to consistently swim better than 1:30, more around 1:26. That's a breakthrough for me as I have had trouble consistently swimming any single pace between 1:30 and 1:25. My feel for the water is improving!

Tomorrow is a difficult brick with Michelle followed by an endurance swim. 2 triathlons in 2 days again!

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