Sunday, January 24, 2010

Gloomy Sunday

I came into today pumped about a 3 hour brick with Michelle that was to include lots of hills and strain on the Germantown loop. The weather forecast was holding strong, with rain not starting until the afternoon...

And that was where the weathermen were WRONG! Even The Chicken Tender Runner did a better job of predicting the weather. I stepped outside with my bike at 8:20 and looked at the clouds... they certainly didn't look like pre-rain clouds... they looked pregnant with rain. So I stuffed my bike in my car, sighed audibly, and walked back into the apartment to grab the bike trainer... just in case, as I had a bad feeling about the weather conditions. Got to Germantown Rec park and my suspicions were quickly realized... rain! DAMNATION! That is the 5th straight Sunday brick that I have had to miss because of weather. I sank deep into unholy rage and fury. Michelle showed up with similar feelings and we realized that another indoor brick was what it had to come to. 2:15 bike with isolated leg workout mixed in (wore my road pants instead of my "training" pants so my bony rear hurt), and a solid :45 run with hill attacks (as The Red Fox would say).

So, another brick, another incomplete feeling inside. I just need to get on the road for both the bike and run, not just the run. The road has a different feel. I hope my new trainer will feel more road-like so these indoor bricks, while fun, stop causing me to feel like I didn't do a full workout.

Or maybe the weather can put up and shut up.

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