Friday, January 29, 2010


After Wednesday's track workout, I was feeling it in my hamstrings... approaching 3 weeks of little recovery is catching up to my legs, and my hammies and quads are sore. Gotta keep pushing... only 3 more days of effort until the recovery week!

Yesterday was weights in the AM, where I added in some new ab/core work on the medicine ball. I still feel it! Ran a quick mile to loosen up the legs prior to lifting and that helped quite a bit. Made sure I ate lean, high-protein foods throughout the day so I would be ready for another hills explosion-blast-fest in the afternoon.

So, afternoon was a hill workout with Michelle! Same place, in a cornfield near the Germantown Rec Center. And it turned out to be another leg-ripping, lung-squeezing, death-inducing slugfest in the land of corn. 10 hill climbs at all-out effort, preceded and followed by a not-so-easy trail run. I love this workout. I actually hate it... but I love it. Michelle was solid also... we truly RAN FURIOUSLY!

Fantastic swim this AM. 12x100 at 1:26 pace. That is huge. I had been stuck on 1:30 pace until the last few weeks, when my time started decreasing by about a second a week, so now I'm keeping a 1:26-27 pace consistently, as opposed to before when I wavered between 1:25 and 1:30. PROGRESS!

Hills on the bike this afternoon.

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