Thursday, January 28, 2010

Forgive me, hamstrings and quads.

Yesterday I met up with my MCRRC pals for track. I originally wanted to do 800s or 1000s, but having done mile repeats the week before and two longer runs in the past 4 days, I decided to go with the scheduled 10x400 workout. I wanted to make it tougher though. As per Michelle's suggestion, I cut the recoveries in half, from 400 to 200. MCRRC workouts usually have at least 400 recoveries, but I proposed the 200s to Scott, Steve and Jamie and they agreed, setting up a tough workout. I want to do what the top runners in GRC or college runners do. That will make me faster.

I aimed to run 72s and did the first two in 72 and 71, but that felt a little slow, so I cut it down to 69s for the last 8. That speed plus the shorter than usual recoveries (for me) definitely created a burn in my hamstrings and quads and they complained vehemently. GOOD! I was hoping for that. And I was still able to keep the 4:36 pace despite the pain. And despite colliding with stubborn lane 1 users.

The other guys ran well too and Scott upstaged me with some extra 200s at the end!

Today and Friday have lots of hills on tap and a t-pace swim workout. I accept the challenge. I hope my quads do as well.