Monday, January 18, 2010

Saturday and Sunday Triathlons

Yes, I completed two "triathlons" in two days!

Saturday began with the Shooting Starr 4-miler, where I raced with GRCers Dirk and Patrick Murphy, and the usual MCRRC gang. Dirk took first (edged out Robbie Wade although both definitely took it easy!), I took 3rd and Patrick 4th. Jordan ran well for 5th and Scott again kept improving, with another top 10 finish. Michelle, goes without saying, won the women's side by almost 2 minutes. Beastly performances by all. I got a cramp with half a mile left but was able to not slow up too much. I felt I ran even, which is what I'm trying to practice in these races, along with trying to negative split. Finish time was 22:15 (5:33/mile, just a bit slower than my JAW10K pace), about a 4 minute improvement from last year!!!

I knew it was going to be a Chicken Tender Runner type of race when the race director gave out rubber chickens to runners...

Swam immediately afterward for about 2000m at the Wilson long course pool with Dirk. Fantastic pool, love the long course. Followed that with a 42K and (for me, at least) hard bike ride, where Dirk pulled me along. He wasn't even close to trying and I was reaching my limit at several points on the ride. I have a ways to go on the bike, but have improved a lot. Was able to do the ride in 1:12-:13, which is only 5-6 minutes slower than my race pace on a flatter course. That ended the Saturday triathlon.

Sunday started with an indoor brick with Michelle, we did bike trainer hills for 90 minutes and an hour treadmill run (poor weather) at 7:00 pace, slight grade. Bike was tough for both of us, but we pushed hard. Swam later in the day to complete the Sunday triathlon.

I was dead tired Sunday night. This week is going to be another tough one, full of speed/power/endurance workouts.

Run Furiously!


  1. Man, I am seriously impressed with your work ethic, 15 workouts!?! I have no idea how after that saturday you did a 2hr 30min brick and then dragged yourself to the pool! If you keep up half of this, you'll crush it this season.

  2. ANIMAL!!!! See ya tonight at Glory Days!