Sunday, January 31, 2010

4-hour brick

Michelle and I conquered a 4 hour brick today that was looming over us like Godzilla looms over Monster Island and it's giant praying manti.

3 hour ride with 40+ minutes of hill surges, taking turns on the Kinetic and working up a general appetite for victory and food. Indoors, of course. The weather wouldn't have my bricks be any other way. Hips tired and sore afterward.

1 hour treadmill run at the gym. On adjacent treadmills, we pushed each other after the first half hour. Starting with medium paces, we picked it up to finish the last 5-10 minutes a tempo pace and faster. By the time I was finished, my stomach felt like it had sucked itself into a tightly knit ball and I raged for replenishment. Powerbar and sushi were soon to follow.

Wonderfully done, Michelle (and me), the dreaded 4-hour brick has been beaten.

That 4 hour workout ends my 18 hour build week, the longest weeks-worth of workouts I've ever done in my life. Legs are weary but stronger, and this coming week will be a well-deserved rest. Mr. Chris Sloane valiantly sold me a foam roller which I have used and will continue to use until my hamstring and quads are in just-like-new form.

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