Tuesday, January 19, 2010

3rd Triathlon!

I completed another day-spanning triathlon, but this was a much lower intensity one. Swam 1800m in the morning, pyramid style, but cut out a 400 due to time constraints. Still t-paced it through and felt pretty good considering I had a sore throat in the morning (probably due to my intense weekend... will watch my effort this week...). Ran 8 miles mid-day on Schaefer bike trail, the out-back workout that I did last week with Chris Sloane. I ran the easy half with Steve and the hard half on my own. I ran without music, which allowed me to expand my mind... and focus on more than just the run. I thought of rivals, training partners, successes and failures, past, present and future. It motivated me...

Finished the day with a leisurely and death-defying ride with Michelle around the Germantown rec area. Approx. 20 miles or so.

So that finishes the third triathlon in three days.

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