Saturday, January 30, 2010

Almost there!

3 weeks of build is ALMOST over. Only today and tomorrow left!

Friday evening I did a bike super-workout. 2 workouts in one sitting, 40 minutes of trainer hills followed by 40 minutes of dominant leg. The new bike trainer works GREAT, and makes the hills feel almost like real hills. Was really pushing my heart rate into the 5A zone on the hills and was breathing and sweating hard. Even when followed by an easier dominant leg workout, I still felt intense burn and it gave me all I could handle. I had a clean towel before the ride and a towel that smelled like rotten cheetos afterward (evidently sweat from my head smells like bad cheese snacks?).

This AM had a 12 degree Fahrenheit, long tempo interval run with Scott. 11 miles on the Millenium trail, same as last week, but did the trail in reverse to do tempos uphill instead of downhill. Averaged my normal tempo pace of 5:45 and pushed the HR to the zone 3 limits. I really like this run as my long run of the weekend. The tempos make it interesting and quite a bit more difficult. Followed the run with a 90 minute trainer ride, and will do an hour when I get back from the Mustang show this afternoon.

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