Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Two intense workouts

Last night I had bike tempo intervals (5x6 minutes at tempo pace, 30 min warmup and 30 minute cooldown), and it was INTENSE. Really enjoyed doing it with my new crankset. It actually makes a difference. The pedal strokes seemed smoother and I didn't have to shift during each interval, which felt awesome. Definitely my best tempo interval workout on the bike yet. I hate the trainer, but I'm getting more and more comfortable on the bike, not to mention stronger.

This morning was a really REALLY hard swim workout. Descending 300s at an aerobic pace (1:33 pace). Five of them. Did the first one too fast (at 1:28 pace) and paid for it on the last two. I was keeping at 1:30 pace until #5, when I felt like my arms were going to explode like two 50-megaton atomic bombs. I had to really force myself to do that last 300, but I got through it at 1:33 pace, which is WHAT I SHOULD HAVE STARTED AT! Ratdangit!

But the intensity was awesome.


  1. Ratdangit, you should have loftier 2010 goals? Or maybe two sets of goals??

  2. I set goals that are both desirable and realistic, ratdangit! If I achieve those goals before end of 2010, I'll reconsider.